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Google Map Optimisation

Google Map Optimisation

The future Of Search Engine Optimisation?

The way consumers search the internet is changing. Consumers are more and more relying to Google Places Optimisation to streamline the information gathering process. As a result you must follow their cue and tailor your online presence to match consumer preferences. To stay competitive, businesses need to ensure they are taking advantage of every marketing opportunity available to them. Google Places is a free upgrade for your business’s online listing. It allows your listing to be much more than a simple webpage swimming among the masses of other competitors. Google Places allows online listings to achieve Google Map Optimisation.

Google Map Optimisation is quickly becoming a must have in the competitive world of online listing. To simply have your company listed online is no longer enough. Optimised listings will jump ahead of yours and bury your listing in a sea of competitors.

How can you combat this problem? The first thing you must understand is that all listings are not created equal. You want your listing to stand out and hopefully be visible at the top of the results page.

An astute consumer’s first step to searching for a product online will be: Google local listing. How can you be sure your listing will be at the top of their search result page? With an account set up with Google Places you will have synced your business with Google Maps and as a result will be able to take advantage of Google maps optimisation. As a result your webpage will shoot up the results pages of countless consumers thereby increasing traffic to your webpage. To realize this increased traffic you will want to ensure that your Google map listing optimisation is up to par. To neglect this part of online marketing is to surely miss out on sales. In a world where time is money and minutes can feel like hours Google map search optimisation is important to ensuring your business has an online presence that is quick and easy to find.

A few things to remember when building your Google place: When considering a change to Google Places Optimisation it is recommended that you keep the same content that you have or used to have on any other online company profiles. You will have more flexibility to be able to add photos and videos to capture a consumer’s attention. Add things like logos, slogans, pictures of happy customers, maybe a video to give the consumer a virtual tour. You could list what services you offer or if you carry certain brands that are recognized and trusted by the average consumer.

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Setting up your Google Place is simple and beneficial.

  • Here are just a few ways Google Map Search Optimisation can benefit you:
  • Allows you to customise your listing by adding pictures or videos.
  • Gives your business an advantage over other listings that are not utilising Google map listing optimisation.
  • You will know that your listing is correct because you will have supplied your business information.
  • Geographically filtered Google Places listings can appear higher than a standard listing

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