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SharePoint Online has become organisations’ leading business collaboration resource in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn SharePoint online basics to get a better understanding. It has turned out to be a lifesaver for remote working staff. SharePoint Online is an excellent management and collaboration tool offered by Microsoft that allows you to bring your business together with document management, collaboration opportunities and more.

Understanding SharePoint Online Basics is critical in IT support services, particularly in a bustling business hub like London. As a cloud-based service, SharePoint Online is a potent tool that enables organisations to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications in a way that bolsters collaboration.

Sharepoint Online Basics

Whether you want to improve your business impact or gain marketable skills, SharePoint Online basics can help you with everything. A robust content management tool can help you work together in multiple ways. This article will discuss the SharePoint Online basics to help you understand the basic functionalities and their benefits to your business.

SharePoint Online Sites – SharePoint Online Basics

  • SharePoint Online Sites are discrete spaces for specific users with customised tools for their needs. It provides customisable landing pages to tailor your experience with easy navigation to access tools like document libraries, calendars, projects, etc. There are several types of sites you can use, including:
  • Team Site: Team sites help you become more productive and collaborative while allowing Microsoft Teams members to communicate effectively
  • Communication Site: A communication site allows you to broadcast or communicate information to users’ announcements, blogs, news, and more
  • Other Sites: It can include scores of other sites chosen by the Developer Site, Community Site, and Blog

Each site has its significance and design, created based on your requirements.

SharePoint Online Lists

A SharePoint Online List is a customisable table that allows you to manage and store diverse data types. You can create distinct kinds of columns based on your requirements. It even allows you to create and store data in the tabular format while having an ideal view.

For example, if you want to manage contacts, you can create a table consisting of the following properties: Name, Phone Number, Email, Address, and Photos.

SharePoint Online Web Parts

Web parts are added to the SharePoint Online landing pages to make them more appealing, helpful, and customised. There are various web parts that you can add to your landing page, including:

  • Design: It includes images, text boxes, and HTML blocks to manipulate the landing page’s appearance. SharePoint Online basics help you understand the structure and programming.
  • Links to Microsoft Products: These web parts allow you to aggregate information from other Microsoft applications, such as Power BI, Yammer, etc.
  • Productivity Modules: It allows you to present productivity modules on the landing page calendars, document libraries, and more.

You can even link your SharePoint Online sites to third-party products like Asana, Facebook, and more.

SharePoint Online Document Library

SharePoint Online document library contains various files and folders that Businesses can use to manage information. You can upload files and folders in the document library and export the existing files to Excel. It allows you to drag and drop files into your computer’s document library.

Moreover, with the Microsoft OneDrive Sync Agent, you can synchronise your documents to the Microsoft Office 365 Portal within SharePoint Online. This functionality also looks for changes within the document libraries. For instance, if you change the name of a folder, it will reflect within SharePoint Online.

Apart from the above functions, there is a lot more that SharePoint Online offers. For instance, it includes powerful search capabilities that allow you to search for information across sites. Also, various popular components of SharePoint Online have entered the end-of-life cycle. Knowing Sharepoint online basics can help you make the most of the document libraries from SharePoint.

Key Takeaways

  1. SharePoint Online Basics introduces Microsoft’s cloud-based service, which is crucial in facilitating business content sharing and management. With its bustling business environment, London relies heavily on such platforms for seamless teamwork and information access.
  2. With SharePoint Online Basics, organisations in London and globally can create sites for storing, sharing, and accessing information from any device. This makes it ideal for remote work, an increasingly prevalent model in cities like London.
  3. SharePoint Online Basics covers the integrated document management features of the platform. These include version control, metadata tagging, and compatibility with Microsoft Office applications, all critical for real-time collaboration in fast-paced business environments like London.
  4. An important aspect of SharePoint Online Basics is its powerful business process tools. SharePoint provides lists, calendars, and automated workflows, indispensable to London businesses for tracking, scheduling, and automating tasks.
  5. SharePoint Online Basics emphasises the importance of security and compliance in the platform. With features like data-loss prevention, encryption, and compliance standards, SharePoint offers a secure environment for business data – a highly sought-after attribute by London businesses.

SharePoint Online is a fantabulous collaboration platform offered by Microsoft that offers multiple functionalities and ease of managing data. This brief article describes SharePoint Online’s basics and how it can benefit your business. If you are willing to know more about SharePoint Online Migration and how you can implement it in your organisation, contact Server Consultancy

Learning SharePoint Online from scratch is attainable, as Microsoft offers tutorials and guides to help newcomers understand the platform. From creating team sites to managing document libraries, SharePoint Online provides a structured path to effective collaboration within an organisation.