5 Organic SEO Tips to Improve Online Presence

Organic SEO (Search engine optimisation) can make all the difference in the success of your eCommerce platform. Optimising your site can take your store to new heights or bring it down. But how can you progress your site’s SEO to bring new leads and grow sales on your eCommerce platform?

Creating an eCommerce site is easy and convenient, as you can easily find multiple developers to build a site. The next step is driving potential customers and increasing your site’s visibility, which is only possible via SEO and paid marketing. But every business doesn’t have a huge budget to spend on marketing, so they go the other way – organic SEO.

This blog discusses five unique SEO tips to improve your eCommerce store online presence and grow sales.

  • Improve Keyword Research

Although Google has updated its algorithm for keyword research, it still makes a massive difference in your site’s ranking. Using relevant keywords, customers use can help you gain better visibility on search engines. But ensure you don’t use unnecessary keywords, as it can lead to restrictions on your site.

You can get help from tools like Google Suggest, which provides relevant and most searched keywords. Besides, try to find your competitors’ keywords to rank their sites on search engines. As an eCommerce business, you should prioritise using purchase-related keywords.

  • Utilise Content Marketing

For a customer to purchase on your eCommerce store, they need to trust your brand and products. And the best way to build trust and make your customers make a purchase decision is by providing valuable and helpful content. Now, valuable content could be anything, from blog posts, storyboarding, articles, and other content forms.

You can even organise webinars, workshops, or meetups for various communities online to help them understand the effectiveness of your products. The main point here is what content will resonate the most with your users, so you must keep your targeted audience in mind.

  • Have a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great way to communicate your business message with your targeted audience. A YouTube channel can drastically boost traffic and visibility across a wider audience. But, it’s not a night game to get views on YouTube because users don’t find anything easily unless multiple users share the channel or video.

You can use keyword research, tags, and great content to get views on your channel. This will help you represent your business more effectively while targeting the right audience.

  • Have a Responsive Site

Most users purchase from their smartphones rather than using a laptop. So, the ideal way to attract traffic to your site is to have a responsive eCommerce site or app that works perfectly across smartphones. For a responsive site, it is crucial to consider certain factors, such as high-quality images, screen-size optimisation, screen resolution, etc.

You can hire experienced website developers to build a responsive site for your eCommerce store. We guarantee that your site meets all the SEO requirements for generating leads.

  • Use Internal Linking

Internal linking is an engaging way to involve customers within your eCommerce store. A customer looking at a specific content that takes it to another is considered a successful internal linking. You can link old posts to newer ones while allowing customers to explore different content.

As Google considers it a ranking factor, internal linking has also proved to be very helpful in optimising search engines.

Key Takeaways

The above are the tips for improving your SEO practices for the eCommerce store. We recommend sticking to and implementing these practices if you’re building a new eCommerce store. Running an eCommerce and gaining leads is not a big task if you follow the proper techniques to keep your site up-to-date.