Reason to Use PHP For Web Development

PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) is immensely popular among web development communities. Compared to other server-side scripting languages, it is widely preferred for designing web pages, navigational layouts, and other development projects. Developers have the leverage to include multiple features and functionalities.

When it comes to building dynamic and interactive web pages, developers always have PHP on their list of tools. And many core reasons behind this can amaze you about the utilisation of this feature-rich language. Here, we will discuss the top reasons to choose PHP for web development.

  • Top-notch Performance

PHP attains the cross-platform functionality that makes it more powerful and effective for web development. The list of extensive features allows developers to build web apps and pages with multi-browser compatibility. This makes it a fast and reliable choice for development.

Moreover, you can leverage its functionality to control the overall website structure and alter the design layouts as per requirements. While keeping the security layer of the sites firm, the language possesses high-performance solutions for the web developers.

  • Dynamic & Versatile

As mentioned above, PHP has cross-platform adaptability, which makes it a highly scalable and secure resource for building web applications. It is encrypted with secure protocols, making it more dynamic and flexible.

The server-side scripting language also offers automatic updates and execution to minimise manual handling of large codebases. And since it is open source, this essential feature makes it easier for developers to write, combine, modify, and update code with more functionalities (or libraries) without any delay.

  • Accessible with Multiple Frameworks

PHP is very much compatible with numerous frameworks that help to design powerful websites and portals. Here are some popular and most preferred frameworks for PHP:

    1. Phalcon
    2. Laravel
    3. Symfony
    4. CodeIgniter
    5. Zend

Developers get more characteristics to include while developing high-performance and ambiguous websites. With built-in support for severe-side programming and well-established communities globally, you will be able to create scalable applications.

  • Compatibility with Content Management Systems (CMS)

Integration of content management systems (CMS) is also essential for successful web development. And PHP attains compatibility with all major CMS applications. Developers will get the assistance to implement programs to make these applications work with web portals and sites.

Most popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are entirely based on this scripting language. You will use it to personalise the web applications through CMS implementation as they are designed with the latest coding standards, plugins, and more functionalities.

  • Easily Maintained and Updated

Because of effectively understandable linguistic structure, PHP code can be openly altered and changed. Developers can quickly moderate or update the codes without refreshing the projects repeatedly.

PHP-built applications are cost-adequate, which are compatible with innovative applications that can fulfil the new business necessities. Since PHP code is written reliably and unmistakably, any developer group can maintain and update without constraint on the previous developers.

  • Wide Range of Hosting Options

PHP’s flexibility for hosting makes it a well-known web development choice for businesses. The language supports many web hosting services providers without any lag or hassle.

Typically hosting packages accompany PHP support at no additional expense — including the plans that have no limit on acquiring hosting resources or have free web hosting plans on specific portals. If you want to develop and host your site in PHP, we at Red Chilli Network can provide you with all the resources you need.


For the past few years, web development communities have attained a focus on PHP and its frameworks. They have analysed the core value of building high-performing applications and fulfilling business needs using this developer-friendly scripting language. And all the factors mentioned above support the fact that it is a much-needed tool for your web development projects.