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DevOps Consulting

DevOps Consulting

Redchilli Network provides an end-to-end delivery pipeline across various cloud platforms for faster time to market, improved efficiency, and reduced cost. We leverage the power of collaboration, monitoring, tool-chain pipelines, and automation to deliver DevOps consulting services across various cities in the UK, including London, Richmond, Harrow, Hatfield, Marlow, Aylesbury, St Albans, Finchley, and Berkshire. In our 10+ years of service, we have attained an advantageous position in DevOps consulting market by offering end-to-end solutions. 

DevOps consulting from a recognised firm will enable you to optimise your development and delivery pipelines while maintaining costs and resources. It utilises three forces of information technology, including tech operations, development, and QA, in a feedback-centric development pipeline. With a team of skilled DevOps consultants, we can provide you with the highest quality products and automate workflows via rapid and incremental iterations. 

Devops Consulting Services

Our DevOps Consulting Services

At Redchilli Network, we offer an array of DevOps services to help you throughout the implementation process with continuous assistance and maintenance of IT infrastructure. In addition, our cost-efficient DevOps Consulting services include: 

DevOps Consulting
Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)
Planning and Implementation
Continuous Integration and Delivery
Cloud Infrastructure
Monitoring and Alerting

Devops Consulting Services London

Our Approach towards DevOps

Being a leading DevOps consulting firm, we have a unique approach that consists of practical steps to provide the best consultation for your company.

Analyse and Planning

We analyse the current software development lifecycle, available IT resources, and IT infrastructure in your organisation to plan, identify and formulate DevOps implementation strategy while keeping you in the loop

Create a Roadmap

After gathering the information, we design the CI/CD pipeline, integration of IaaC, and an automated monitoring solution with the required tools to create a successful roadmap for implementing DevOps in your business processes

Execute the Process

We collaborate with your IT managers, system administrators, delivery managers, developers, software test engineers, and other DevOps practitioners to upskill their knowledge in the required tools and processes

Continuous Assistance

Our DevOps engineers work closely with your practitioners to mentor them and achieve the set objective for DevOps implementation while ensuring a proper load distribution within your IT environment

Why Redchilli Network for DevOps Consulting Services?

As a global DevOps consultant provider, Redchilli Network believes in delivering excellent consulting services to its clients with skilled professionals and industry leaders. Our team of DevOps engineers is equipped with talented individuals who have mastered each technology related to DevOps. 

  • 10+ years of experience in delivering continuous integration and delivery pipelines across various industries in the UK 
  • Assist your IT managers and developers throughout the deployment and configuration process of CI/CD pipeline and automation tools 
  • Follows a unique and intelligent approach towards implementing DevOps solutions in your organisation while keeping the costing factor in mind 
  • Provide a better deployment and infrastructure management process to launch your products quickly and efficiently 

If you want to scale your business process by improving the CI/CD pipeline for your products, contact us today for one-on-one DevOps consultation. 

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