Is WordPress the most popular Platform for developers?

For website development, there are several famous CMS platforms available which are used by website developers all across the world. Though for a newbie, it looks quite confusing to pick the best CMS platform from numerous available options. If you also feel this kind of confusion in choosing a website development platform for your new website, then give a try to WordPress which is a highly reliable CMS platform of today, enjoying trust and confidence of thousands of users worldwide.

WordPress is the most preferable platform of this time because of its several interesting features. Being admired as the mainstream CMS platform, 60% of all modern websites employing CMS on the internet are being developed on this platform – WordPress. Here you can read out various reasons that encourage website developers to choose WordPress as their favourite platform for their certain business needs.

Open Source Platform

The best and the most interesting thing about this platform is that; it comes for free, but gives remarkable benefits. Being an open-source platform, you can install, practice or download it without paying a single penny. The only expense, you would require to pay on hiring an expert WordPress developer who will develop the custom website theme or features for your certain business needs.

In addition, when it comes to find a good designer for WordPress site, you can easily find many of them who will help you with your site coding making it fully customized as per your expectations.

SEO Friendly Platform

Started as a great blogging platform, WordPress has now changed its form with new advancements. With several advancements, the current WordPress platform has turned into a fully adaptable CMS platform which far exceeds to blogging. There are extensive and comprehensive SEO modules equipped with great features that make it a highly SEO friendly platform of the time.

Comfortable To Use

Known as a straightforward CMS platform, it is super simple and comfortable to work with. Moreover, the crystal clear fundamentals can easily be learnt by which one can easily build up a great site merely in a few hours of time. In addition, it is highly simple for customers who can comfortably publish content or make changes in content in few clicks.

Great Plugins

WordPress provides accessibility to various modules due to its easy customising nature. With these modules, you can expand the key usability of your site. This way, you can save a lot of time that you have to spend on website development because they are not required to start from the scratch including various functionalities.

Widespread Network

WordPress is a great platform regarded as the most trusted CMS by almost every leading search engine. This platform belongs to a general network of countless visitors who have a great faith in the security featured by it. It is a reason the majority of websites listed on the first page of search engines are made on WordPress.

Multilingual Support

With the help of multilingual support of WordPress, you can easily make a site in the regional language where your company is located. This platform is not at all hard to copy or customise because of this nature, you can easily manipulate several sites in various languages and in different time zones.

Money Making Platform

As compared to other CMS platforms, WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform allowing people to make website without any cost. If needed, one can spend money in buying premium or primary website on WordPress which will give you free accessibility over countless devices; however, you can buy premium themes and plugins separately.

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by Lalita Rawat on September 15th 2017