WordPress Now Powers 30% Of All Existing Websites!

Recently, Automattic in San Francisco has got a great cause to celebrate as their WordPress CMS platform is now powering 30% of all available websites on the internet.

As per W3Techs which is a service running from Q-Success that is an Austria-based consultation firm that has conducted a survey for top 10 million websites which are ranked over Alexa. The numbers of these websites get updated on a daily basis and there it was observed that WordPress accounted 60% of whole CMS segment.

WordPress Emerges As Leader

As of now, it emerges as a leader and that is for some time and is being followed by rivals like Drupal, Shopify, Squarespace, Joomla, Magento and Google’s Blogger and all of these rivals trail by a great margin. In all the rivals, Joomla comes at second position by powering 3% of available sites. Though it is good to be noted that 50% of these sites are either using CMS or designed from the core currently not observed by the listing of W3Techs.

Who Will Enjoy Benefit From This Success

So, there is a great update for the entire WordPress community, especially for developers who are busy in making themes and plugins for open-source CMS platform. It is also a good update for website hosting companies that provide various WordPress based service packages and also for designers who provide WordPress based shops and sites to their clients.

Arrived in 2003, It has completed a great journey till now and it is now forked in 2 versions that are self-hosted and hosted on WordPress.com. Self-hosted option is for free; however, another option comes up with several extra benefits like great support and services to bring more ease to developers. With an enormous user-base along with a great community which supports open-source development, we cannot assume that any other rival can take away its position anytime soon.

by Lalita Rawat on April 6th 2018