What Is Website Development

Without engaging in the process of web development, the entire concept of website development and web design will be a riddle to you. Hence a thought comes to mind that web development is the amalgamation of what?

For this very reason, it seems quite a common thing to ask or be confused on why the process of developing a website takes so much time. In order to manifest the introduction and establishment of B2B websites, we are going to navigate you through a quick overview of “what causes and is involved in the development of a website to take longer than you may expect.

Development Demands Time

There is no shortcut or any easy to get way around it. It takes the required time to properly perform the coding to develop a website.

The drive of developing a website comes across a lot of complexity even when you are working on a small website development project. Changing the color of buttons, tweak the functionality of the display or editing the background might seem an easy task, but in contrast, it can get around 8 hours or more to make even seemingly small changes.

To commence a painting task for house seems a simple and straightforward change but it typically incorporates a long time work if you really want to end it up impeccably, as it includes the tapping off the floor and ceiling, put down drop cloths on the floor, buying and then amalgamation of paint, set up ladders, move ladders as required and then finally go begin the process of painting every wall and sometimes you paint twice!

Front-End and Back-End of a Website

Every website contains a front-end, which depicts its looks and how users and customers see and interact with it. Another one is back-end where the developers, marketers and IT people perform updates and make changes. These both aspects demand a professional development and a developer that specializes in that type of development.

CMS Minimize the Efforts of Back-End

If you adopt the Content Management System (CMS) for instance WordPress then you will be able to reduce most of the heavy lifting in the back-end. However, few tasks can be done in the back-end of WordPress, but it doesn’t say that it is making the entire process easy. This is one of the areas where professional developers can make a magic. These kinds of developers use plugins and their skills of “how to make the back-end of WordPress easier to manage and make updates”.

Development Is Just not About Design

It takes a lot of procedures and programs to develop the front-end of a B2B website. A well-versed web developer can be more capable of making the site look like the design, of course, and the functionality of a website like the UX design. However, the website developer should be sure that it loads quickly and is SEO-friendly as well. It is crucial to make a harmony with a website developer who has skills in SEO things and the basic tenants of the user experience (UX).

by Lalita Rawat on June 8th 2018