How to Use and Choose Your Cornerstone Article

A blogger or writer always makes efforts to boost the traffic and SEO by playing their strategic and skilled role. WordPress has introduced a new feature known as Cornerstone Content, which can reflect the growth of your website or business just by publishing a Cornerstone Article.

The feature “Cornerstone Content in WordPress” may have raised few questions in your mind.

•      What is Cornerstone Content
•      What is the role of Cornerstone Content
•      How to recognize those articles on your site

Let us wipe out your confusions

In this post we will walk you through the introduction and importance of Cornerstone Content. You will also be served with the tips to evaluate your site and select the topics to create a Cornerstone Article.

Cornerstone Articles

Basically, Cornerstone Articles are super informative and combination of few blog posts. It has the ability to grab the attention of visitors by providing the deep informative content. Cornerstone Content is the foundation of an article published in your website.

Characteristics of a Cornerstone Article:

•       Cornerstone Article contains wide information instead of long and detailed blog post.
•       These are up to date articles which provide regular new information with time.
•       As these articles incorporate with the deep information so they have long paragraphs.
•       They are based on the whole site content so can grab the more traffic.

Choose your Cornerstone Article:

You should be more focused and careful while choosing the Cornerstone Articles for your website. You need to have a keen consideration on 4 or 5 articles that you want the visitors to explore. These articles will be your Cornerstone Articles. Keep the important things in mind that article should have immense but useful information for the visitors and should be embedded with the significant keywords to get ranked.

Tips to take a brilliant start

•      Cornerstone Articles should be relevant to the solutions provided by your website which visitors are finding to resolve their problems. Instant information for solving a problem will save time of users and give a hike in traffic of visitors.

For instance, if you have a website which provides graphic design services then you should place the Cornerstone Content on the website as catchy articles such as “Get the best graphic design solution” etc. Visitors will consider that at a first glance and repeatedly come to your website.

•      As mentioned above that a Cornerstone Article includes a topic with an extensive detail. So go for something which is stuffed with some effective keywords and try not to pick a full length details with no useful information. Because only one article with specific keywords will make your efforts fruitful.

•      Polish your article with point to point information and try to make it as short as possible with a meaningful form. It will provide you a benefit that your Cornerstone Article will be linked to another webmaster.

Getting the benefits of the feature of Cornerstone Article is up to you and the way you use it. Try to adopt this feature with the manners we mentioned above and write us your experience in the below mail id.

by Lalita Rawat on December 29th 2017