Are You Trying To Get Rid of Facebook?

Are you trying to get rid of Facebook habit?

Do you want to remove your Facebook account permanently?

Facebook is the world’s largest social network website and has over 1 billion users worldwide.

Facebook endows a great experience to the users who want to be social and make virtual connections. This social website confers a platform to share your pictures, events and other stuff with your family and friends. It makes you able to get connected with your business companions and promote your venture among them.

Although Facebook was originally designed for college students in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg while he was enrolled at Harvard University.

A huge population across the world is using it, but amid of them few want to remove their FB account permanently or deactivating the account due to some privacy reasons etc, and they decide to walk away from social media or end the addiction of it.

But users get strayed while deleting the FB account. In the quest of removing the Facebook account permanently they choose the option Deactivating Facebook account. But here the users need to know that there is a great disparity between deactivating and deleting the Facebook account.

Deactivating vs. Deleting

If you had enough of using FB and want to take a break for a while then FB assists you with an option which is Deactivating your account. It is a quick and easy solution to get disappeared from social media as long as you want and after that, you can be arrived as per your convenience without putting any tough effort.

If you wish to deactivate your account then just follow the given instructions:

•           Go to the top right corner of your Facebook page

•           Click on the account menu

•           Here you will find a setting button, just click on that

•           Choose security option

•           A page will appear where you will get “Deactivate your account,” just select it and confirm.

And the procedure has done, you will be able to deactivate your account successfully.

To know the basics of deleting and deactivating the Facebook account, let us make you more apparent; by deactivating the account, your profile becomes unsearchable and non-visible to the other users. Although the messages and conversions made by you will be still visible to your friends. This will be the only visible remnant that belongs to your account. With the selection of deactivation of account, you get facilitated for retrieving the entire data you have uploaded in the previous journey of your social life on FB. After coming back on your profile, FB restores your entire data, pictures, videos, friends list and all automatically.

In contrast, the deleting step for FB account is a quite permanent way to remove your account. Radically you choose a path to erase the whole information you have on FB. The pictures, videos you uploaded at the time of using FB, the events you made and many more, everything will be permanently deleted by your one click. After selecting the delete option must know that your profile and data will not be restored ever as you will not able to reactivate your account again.

Steps to delete your Facebook Account

•          Log into your Facebook account.

•          Visit this link,

•          Click Delete My Account.

Here you need to know that before taking a step of deleting your data, FB bestows you with an option to download a copy of your information and data which is available on the site. It may help you out in making a new profile and decorating it with the same stuff you had in the previous profile.

Backup your Facebook data:

•           Go to Settings.

•           While in the General tab. Click Download a copy of your Facebook data.

•           Click Start My Archive.

•           Enter your Facebook account password. Click Submit.

•           Click Start My Archive in the Request My Download box.

Story at a Glance: It is purely up to you whether you want to temporarily deactivate or delete your FB account. Facebook has both the solutions for you. But here you need to take your decision wisely.

by Lalita Rawat on April 27th 2018