Tricks To Discover High Rankings That Create No Clicks In SEO!

The AKP (AdWords Keyword Planner) of Google is quite effective for quality research of keyword, just as several other third party SEO tools. However, the search console of Google can also discover opportunities for keyword optimization on which this article is based. Here, we will tell you all effective tricks to discover high rankings that create no clicks in SEO.

Rankings Based On Keyword

A number of SEO experts think that they can rank a web page organically only for 3 to 5 keywords and here we are going to challenge this common assumption with the help of search analytics feature from search console of Google. The path for the same is – Search Traffic > Search Analytics. Follow given steps to discover the keyword based rankings for the web page.

Firstly, go to Search Traffic > then Search Analytics > and then Pages.

Now, select the number of web page which you need to review and it is located under “clicks”.

After reaching at required page, choose “Queries” selector for finding keywords.

There is a “position” option on the top, click on there to have ranking data of the keywords

In the bottom of the web page, you can check the number of keywords that web page is ranked for.

There are chances that you find hundreds of keywords for a web page, but after reviewing them properly, you may find many of them to be unavailable on the page. So, how this much keywords appear in result. Well, it is very simple because Google holds the power to check relevancy, to discover relevant keywords and their ranking as well. However, having so many ranking keywords result in nothing when they do not get clicks.

Understanding Zero Clicks Concept

You may accept if there are no clicks on few searches, though having zero clicks to all keywords can be disappointed for sure as there would be some keywords that are in high ranking on which SEO experts have some clicks. So, what is the reason for zero clicks, let’s find out.

The search console of Google permits only thousand keywords to be downloaded; however, it has a workaround: to make a studio report of Google data to rank keywords that create no clicks. After that, use that report to discover every underperforming keyword rankings around your site. Research with a filter to match it with the keyword data of your site. By removing filters, you will find all keyword rankings related to a web page.

How to generate clicks 

Now, you have already got the keywords which do not get any click, but, what to do to fix it and to have clicks from them? Here is the answer for the same.

When it comes to search listings which have zero clicks, it happens due to 3 main causes.

Following are the reasons for it.

1.           There can be any other web page that is more relevant in your website which comes with in the search results for the same keyword and pulls in all clicks and visits.

2.          Perhaps, the search ads of your web page are stealing organic clicks. For which, you can take help of AdWords Report to discover.

3.           The snippet of your search result is not good or Google pulls only random text, ignoring meta description.

At third reason, you can create some difference by rewriting the meta description of your page and making it more attractive. Opposite to title tags, a rewritten meta description would not affect rankings. Though it will enhance existing rankings via click-through rates.

by Lalita Rawat on March 2nd 2018