Top Programming Language for Web-Development

In this tech-driven world, it becomes highly imperative for every small or large scale business to have an attractive website with a fast functionality. And that is the only reason the term Web-Development came into the limelight.

Radically, Web-development is a process which plays a crucial role in the creation of websites and mobile apps etc. and web-programming acts as an integral part of it. Without web-programming, the development of a website will remain a thought only. Here, a programmer needs programming languages to make a communication with the machine.

Let’s know about the top programming languages web-development.


Java is an inevitable and a must-have programming language for web development. This dynamic programming language is popular across the world for the creation of a website.

JavaScript has great ability to perform several tasks such as editing content on a document which displays, controlling the browser, allowing client-side scripts to make a communication with users and also asynchronous communication.


Python is known as all-purpose programming language due to its dynamic approach. The dynamic nature of any programming language allows the developer to create and execute the codes without the help of the compiler.

It is considered as a high-level programming language to stimulate the web development but also recommended for beginners to understand and learn.


PHP is an acronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. This is an ideal programming language which is being used across the world as open source scripting language. The lucrative side of PHP is that it is powerful enough, free to use and easy language for beginners as well.

This programming language can perform the tasks on various operating systems or platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.


Java is being used widely, it has earned a place of one of the most productive programming language amid all. This object-oriented language was designed by Sun Microsystems in the 1990s.

Since then, Java has become the first choice of developers who are associated with the developments of mobile games and several others.

This language is able enough to work on different platforms. It shows that if a program is written in Java, then the user can run it on Mac and also on windows operating system.


C++ was the brainchild of Bjarne Stroustrup, introduced at the initial days of the year 1979 and was later polished and renamed in 1983. It comes in the general purpose language category which is unavoidable as it is the case-sensitive and well-compiled programming language.

It endows low-level memory manipulation. Since the language is suitable to perform low and high-level programming tasks but it still considered as a mid-level language.


It may depend on the programmer and the job that which language is suitable at the moment. Although we have tried to serve you the list of programming languages which are at the top position and are being used worldwide. But few programming languages couldn’t get the place in the above list.

by Lalita Rawat on May 4th 2018