Top 5 SEO Trends To Rule In 2018!

In the digital marketing arena, few marketing strategies are as evolving and competitive as SEO is. Noted from the algorithm updates history, new techniques and technologies help marketers to get onto top rankings in SERPs and some SEO gurus expertise in predicting the current market trends on which future of digital marketing is based. In this article, we will talk about top 5 trends that will help shaping up your future in digital world.

Last year in 2017, we witnessed very few search algorithm updates; however overall, it was a great year in terms of SEO. In 2018, a huge change is expected and here are the key trend changes that will take place in this year. Image & Video Search will improve greatly.

Slowly, digital interactions or communications have grown to be more live. For last few years, more visual social media sites, speedier internet, and a common public desire for employing with images as well as videos has boost the growth in visual web interactions. Based on this revolution, we can predict for few changes in the way.

Google as well as other search platforms consider videos and images in the web environment. Many new startups have started seeing visual elements in the videos and images more precisely, and have started enhancing user interactions over them. So, we can see a huge enhancement in sophisticated searches for visual elements.

Knowledge graph is going to reign 

For some time, Google steadily increases the specificity and frequency of all featured snippets as the exact answer to user’s questions display in the search queries.

Though recently, the featured snippets frequency has declined, it is replaced with related answers available in the knowledge graph sections. So, this trend can portend the growth and certain dominance of knowledge graph of Google by replacing a great amount of space presently used by featured snippets for offering users a better and consistent answers.

The growth in the sales of smart speaker will increase the voice search sharply 

You must be aware of smart speakers, as someone in your network must have it with them. Smart speaker like Google Home and Amazon Eco have surged last year and so do its sale. This sale is expected to be grown in 2018 as well with the launch of new models in the market. As these speakers work through voice, and offer spoken results of searches, users have got more familiar to communicating with search engine through their ears and voice. This adoption will surely change the queries type we can see at present and redesign the thinking of businesses about SERPs.

Impact of individual customization would transform the practice of ranking calculation

Google has encouraged the growth of personalized searches, based on search histories of individuals, cookies in browser and any other helpful information to present more customized and better SERPs for each user. The growth of smart speakers has enhanced the search convenience and higher technological sophistication will further increase the personalization in 2018. Thus, it will make it tougher to forecast the way companies use to rank and what your company will rank for.

SEO will extend beyond Bing and Google 

For few years, several companies are being observed to compete for higher ranking outside Google or Bing. Though Google is still in leading position, but we cannot ignore the existence of other third party search engines line Amazon and Yelp along with digital assistants such as Siri have already entered this sphere to assist people in finding answers of their queries. So, if you desire to be appeared before a higher number of searches, and address the widest possible audience in this year, you have to start thinking beyond the influence of Google.

So, these are top 5 SEO trends that we have predicted on the basis of current market trends and online users attitude. Few of these trends are sure which will soon get unfold. Hence, implementing these trends in your SEO strategy will benefit you as well as your audience in the best way.

by Lalita Rawat on March 9th 2018