Small Search Ranking Google Algorithm Update Confirms!

Have you noticed any kind of change in your web ranking or traffic over Google recently? If yes, then it is an effect of newly confirmed “Small” search ranking Google algorithm update that is recently approved by Google.

Google’s Confirmation On Twitter About New Ranking Algorithm Update

To give confirmation on this Small Search Ranking algorithm update, Google made an announcement over Twitter via Danny Sullivan who Tweeted, “We haven’t had a major update of that nature, but we did have a smaller one this week.”

For some time, there had been some kind of rumours related to this update, but after Google’s confirmation, all rumours had touched down. Hence, if you notice some change in your Google traffic and rankings of your site this week, then it may be a cause of this small update.

More Detail On Small Search Ranking Algorithm Google Update

Google usually releases some ranking updates for featuring more relevant and helpful results to online users and deliver better quality search results. Though sometimes such updates affect the higher percentage of websites, and sometimes, only smaller or few percentages of websites get affected. As per Google, this update was intended to affect a small percentage of websites.

Although, it is a small scale ranking update of Google, yet it is not clear who will get affected with it. There is no update from Google on what type of websites or who would be affected. Google only stated it to be a small update with no further clarity.

So, if you notice no change in your ranking and stable online traffic, then it is nothing to worry in your case. You can do what you had been doing with your site. But, if you notice a sudden negative change in your website ranking, then only focus Previous Google Advice that stressing on enhancing your website to serve better search results.

A Glimpse on Google Previous Advice

If you are not familiar with Google’s Previous Advice, then read on here:

Every day, Google introduces some changes prepared to enhance search results. Some of them are concentrated across certain enhancements and some bring huge changes. Last week or at the end of September month, Google introduced a huge core search algorithm update. This kind of updates is introduced many times in a year by Google.

With every update, some websites might notice gains or drops. If you too notice the change, do not think that it is a fault in your web page due to which it does not perform well. Whereas, it is an effect of changes caused by Google systems that are meant to benefit web pages which were under-rewarded previously.

Don’t run behind a fix for web pages that you find less performing besides keeping your focus on delivering quality content. With time, there are chances for your web page to gain good ranking and that is only possible with your content quality.

So, following this advice, you should only focus on delivering quality content as it is the only way to maintain a good online reputation over search engine like Google and gain the maximum benefits online.

by Lalita Rawat on October 5th 2018