Simple Guidelines To Start A WordPress Based eCommerce Marketplace!

The selection of an eCommerce platform decides the business fortune if it will flourish or not. At a time, you find your selection to be wrong, it will be very difficult to turn back. So, if you have plans to start an eCommerce business with WordPress, here are few easy steps mentioned in this guide to help you.

Choose A Right Plugin

When you have decided to choose WordPress for your eCommerce business, you will be offered with few choices in plugins to make your storefront. Though WooCommerce is known as the top-end choice, it is clearly not meant that it will be the best for you too.

For example, if your store is for selling digital items, then the best choice will be Easy Digital Download plugin. No doubt, WooCommerce has option to allow you to make your digital storefront, yet easy digital download plugin is primarily designed for this purpose only. Hence, there will be no backend option that is not required for your store such as shipping features etc.

Though before selecting a plugin, make sure to explore various plugins available in WordPress marketplace and check out the most appropriate plugin for your certain needs.

Create A Complete List Of Features For Your Site

Invest a quality time to explore the sites of your rival companies which consist of features that you need for your eCommerce store. Make a list of every requisite feature that you need in your site. Though when you have a tight budget, then add only those features which are highly essential. But, with a list of features, you can easily streamline the whole development process with the growth of your store.

Examine the way you will implement these features to your website, if it is with the help of a web developer or with add-on plugins. Try out all those add-ons on the local setup of WordPress to find out ins and outs before finally implementing them over the site.

Integrate To Your Existing Site

Launching a WordPress based business storefront has a key benefit of easy onboarding if you have a site on WordPress. It means it will require less time for you to get familiarised to it due to your knowhow to its user interface and you can devote more time on the required elements of your business like setting up a digital shop.

In addition, it will not be necessary to make a fully new store from the scratch if you succeed in having a devoted community for your site. Rather, you could integrate the storefront to your existing site to leverage all your current community to expand your business.

Select A Theme For Your Digital Store

If you think that any randomly selected WordPress theme will go well with your business storefront, then you are actually mistaken. All themes will not support each business. Therefore, you should select a theme that support the plugin you select for your store. So, if you are choosing a custom-made theme or any ready-made WordPress theme, there are few certain things you should remember which are as below-

Determine Responsiveness Of The Theme – Responsiveness is a must thing for any digital storefront as it helps your store to respond to all sizes and resolutions of screen. Thus, it serves all kinds of users in the best way. So, make sure you check the responsiveness of the theme you select for your WordPress based storefront.

Aesthetic matters a lot – Consider your specific audience and your products that you sell. Your theme has to resonate with all of them perfectly.

Frequent Releases of updates – Regular maintenance of the theme ensures the flawlessness of it. Therefore, it is mandatory to check if the backend team behind the theme should maintain it regularly. If the theme you choose does not get regular update releases, you should go with another option because there are chances for you to face some conflict on later stage.

Functionality Of the Theme – Some authors of the theme use to add numerous functionalities to it that results in heaviness of the whole product. For an online business that you start with a long future, a lightweight theme is always recommend because it does not get bloated. The time you see some functionalities to it, you can include extensions for the same to it.

Notes Related To Your Web Store Launch

After required consideration to the selection of a platform, theme and plugins, next task is to set up products and online store launch. For this purpose, you should emphasise on following steps.

Foster to your network – Once you launch your store, your further consideration is to find customers for it. You would not find customers without putting efforts to it, but you need to spread your network by voicing out the speciality and key attributes of your products or services in various networks online as well as offline.

Make Connections – To encourage online audience to connect with your store, you should try to make as many connections as possible. Once you connect with people, put efforts to nurture your relations and encourage them to convert into your paying or end customers.

Affiliations – Make your affiliate campaign to grow your digital store by setting up some commission for each customer referral.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, we can say that it is very easy to start a WordPress based eCommerce business, but your selection of a perfect theme and right plugins play a crucial role in making a perfect store as per your needs. With our tips, you can succeed in having a successful business based on WordPress platform.

by Lalita Rawat on March 23rd 2018