SEO: Practices To Rule In 2018!

2017 has passed away and now comes the New Year – 2018 and the whole SEO industry is looking forward to the practices that would help reigning over the market in this year. So, if you are also curious to know all those practices that will decide your fortune in the SEO segment, then this article will help you know them.

As per an SEO expert, there will be a growth in the voice searches and also expansion on the worth of mobile. In addition, artificial intelligence will also be advancing this year. Last year, we experienced several new things in the SEO segment. Though the search engine giant Google keeps on preparing webmasters or SEO experts along with itself to jump into the next generation of searches by putting its concentration on offering users with quicker replies, a fully streamlined searching method and better content quality. But in 2018, business users can experience some changes in the current trends as we can expect the New Year will be a dynamic year for SEO professionals. Today, we will talk about few top trends of SEO that you will watch out in this year – 2018.

Arrival Of Mobile-First Indexing

For several months, webmasters have been getting prepared for mobile first indexing that will come into effect in 2018 by Google. That means Google will start ranking destinations on the basis of the mobile version of desktop sites, not on desktop-based traditional destinations, as per the current update on mobile first indexing of Google, though it is yet experimenting mobile results live. Presently, only few websites have started in the upcoming web indexing and 2018 is expected to boost this intensity.

So, if you have yet not inducted, it is the right moment to put your hands into a mobile experience to make sure that your site is well optimised for new changes. To do this, webmasters can take help of the initial posts of Google on mobile first indexing or by utilizing mobile friendliness free tool of Google. Here you need to remember that this Google tool is fully page specific; hence different website pages would get varied results.

It can also be done by simplifying the code of your site or using mobile accelerated pages to enhance the speed of your site.

Voice Search Is Going To Reign

A whopping growth in the voice searches will be a big aspect of SEO in 2018. The voice search technology offers a fantastic benefit in the searching way of users and their information as this technology is fully attached to the Quick answers box of Google.

As per Google, 20% of total queries are based on voice search via mobile application and this number is growing rapidly. Furthermore, it is expected by major institutions of research that this kind of searches will reign 50% of whole searches by the year 2020.

In the New Year – 2018, this voice search trend will keep on growing and hence this SEO prediction will be a truth. This trend will not merely be driven via mobile phones, however by hand-free smart devices such as Google Home and Amazon Eco.

Therefore, SEO practitioners are required to bring their intense focus on enhancing long-tail keywords as well as natural language which go well with conversational tones of users. With growing trend of voice search, more online users would encourage this technology for accessing the quick answers.

Growth In The Efforts To Land Quick Answer Box In 

You may have already seen the Quick Answer Box for now. It is basically a small information blurb which you can find on the top end of SERPs at a time you enter queries like “what is” or “how to”, among many other questions.

The feature of Quick Answers examines the whole web for relevant and bite-sized answer which can solve the query of a user. Usually, these answers are short, bulleted and rich in relevant information.

To bring your content in the Quick Answer Box, the web masters should design their web content in a way that it clearly addresses the exact query of a user or his intension behind that query. By properly focusing onto various questions of users or online queries, you can do it and these queries often start with “how”, “what”, “when”, “why”, and “who” etc. as being the most common question types.

A brilliant idea to optimise your website content to land in this box is to make a page for Question and Answer that target all the questions that a user can ask. Here you need to remember one thing that Quick Answer Page only gives preference to answers which are concise, relevant, to the point or in a list form. So, maintain this sort of standard to optimise your page for Quick Answer Box.

Increased Concentration On The Experiences Of Users 

For Google or all the search engines, user experiences are always given the utmost priority and importance. So in 2018, as the whole web is going to be mobile friendly, more expectations for better user experiences and design have grown.

Just as always, the main focus is put on to make a responsive and intuitive experience for website visitors that means the more impactful interaction and communication, the more the more reward you would receive for your SEO efforts by Google.

Therefore, it is highly imperative to remember that making a perfect user experience does not require you to rework on your website, but just keep few things in mind which are as below:

• Grow the speed of your site

• Enhance the readability of your site by making sure that the font size and style are perfectly suiting to small screens.

• Use a menu having navigation that has to be straightforward and streamlined.

Final Verdict 

So, these are top trends for 2018 that will reign the whole SEO market worldwide. Following these trends or optimising sites according to these trends will help your online ranking to boost.

by Lalita Rawat on January 5th 2018