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Successful businesses continuously redesign and improve their strategies to meet the needs and requirements of their clients. Be it online or offline. Using Responsive website design is the best way to solve this issue online. Responsive design refers to the use of fluid design to craft your website to optimally respond excellently across multiple devices. Be it desktop, iPhone, iPad or any other device it is viewed on.

With almost half of the web traffic coming from Smartphones and Tablets, your website has to be mobile friendly to attract and retain traffic. Responsive website Development is the key to a mobile friendly site that rank well on search engines. The following are the SEO benefits you derive from having a responsive web design.

SEO benefits of Responsive website design and development

How does having a Responsive website design affect my Social Media indicators

Having a separate mobile website from the website for desktops brings down your backlinks and Social Media Indicators to zero. This is because you will build and optimise the mobile website from the scratch. The reputation and recognition of the website will also be made from the scratch. This will take you more time and additional cost. With a responsive website design, this challenge does not arise.

With responsive website design, user experiences for context, device and screen size can be highly optimised. Apart from increased organic traffic, having a responsive design will reduce your website bounce rate and increase the conversion rate. If you wish to maximise the objective for creating a website for your business then you have to make your website user-friendly with responsive web design and development.

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23rd July 2015 Lalita Rawat