One-Step Checkout Is Now Available for Magento 2 Extension!

In the checkout field, One-step Checkout is truly an innovative invention as it enables web stores to minimise the cart abandonment by shoppers and hence, ultimately increases the rate of conversion. As per several researches, it is found that the most drivers for the abandonment of cart include unexpected price, page-loading speed, and complexity in form filling. Hence, to manage these drivers, a new extension for checkout has launched that has a capability to cut down the complexity of checkout process as it will bring the process to single page, fast loading, easy and fast form filling and displaying total order quickly.

More About One Step Checkout for Magento 2 Extension

Basically, this Magento 2 extension utilised the feedback came from more than 10 thousand support tickets to get user experience which was meant to eliminate the shoppers friction while meeting the business requirement of merchants. On this extension, the lead developer of one-step checkout – Anton Siniorg said that every store based on Magento is distinct as per the product they sell, customers who they deal with and place where their business operates. All of them have certain requirements which guide data that is requisite to be gathered and their preference in payment and shipping providers. After actively working on these aspects, it came to learn that the main advantage of next product should be to offer flexibility.

Features Equipped to One Step Checkout For Magento 2 Extension

The newly introduced One Step Checkout in Magento 2 is outfitted with several interesting features which are as below:

•           It is very easy to disable or enable from backend.
•           It enables customers to leave comments during checkout on the website.
•           It provides an option for coupon code during checkout process.
•           It enables users to customize the page title of checkout
•           One Step Checkout makes it easy to simplify and optimise the checkout page.
•           It allows users to set default payment method with options for shipping method.
•           It features a validator for Google address.
•           This extension features a remarkable compatibility with almost all kinds of shipping methods and payment modules.
•           It is compatible with the current versions of Magento 2 and all.
•          It has a great power to reduce up to 75% checkout time that ultimately contributes to revenue generation and lead creation.
•          As compared to the default checkout of Magento, One Step Checkout is 50% faster and better.

So, Magento 2 platform that arrived in 2015 with an objective to offer scalability, agility, productivity and performance enhancements for online merchants who want to do well on the web. Following this vision, Magento was aimed to simplify the native process of checkout which comprises of 6 pages and turned into 2 pages to grow conversion. Though numerous merchants still look for easier checkout. Hence, to fulfil this demand, now one-step checkout extension is launched that is sure to give great benefits to merchants.

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by Lalita Rawaton February 9th 2018