MCommerce Solutions

Add portability to your business to catch pace with the moving world!!

We are where the modern business is! Our aim is to provide ease to the new age entrepreneurs in operating their businesses over platforms which are quite new and off the beaten track like smart mobile phones, PDAs, pocket PCs etc.

With the world getting increasing fast paced, it is neither wise nor affordable to lose on important business transactions, while you are on the go. Thus, an effective functionality is required that can equip the entrepreneurs to conduct their business transactions safely and effectively, any time and anywhere. M-Commerce solutions are the answer to it.

M-Commerce is conducted over smart and competent mobile devices and operates by seamlessly exploiting the mobile internet service. It assists in conducting a host of business operations like receiving the order, processing the order, processing payment, delivering products and services and monitoring/managing the work and sales force spread across multiple locations etc, over the mobile devices, thus providing a comprehensive coverage of a vast range of eCommerce.

Our experienced technology experts at Redchilli Network flawlessly create a slew of effective and operational M-commerce solutions and applications, to extend ease to our clients willing to conduct their business operations securely over the mobile devices.

We create customised M-commerce solutions in keeping with the needs and requirements of the individual clients. Our solutions are cost effective and priced to suit the pockets of a wide range of users.

Custom Web Development

We devise customised web development olutions that work best for you so that you get best out of them.

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30th July 2015 Lalita Rawat