Magento VS Demandware eCommerce

In the eCommerce world, Demandware and Magento Enterprise are two popular eCommerce platforms that enable medium – large online retailers to market, display and sell merchandise on the web. These platforms give strength to web based retail stores of various brands. Though there are significant differences between both of these platforms and people who want to choose one from Magento Enterprise and Demandware should aware of these differences. For this purpose, we have brought forward some points to give a thorough comparison between two leading eCommerce platforms – Demandware and Magento Enterprise.

Comparing Features Of Demandware & Magento Enterprise


  1. Comes with extensive management solutions to get required control on the online retail store and run it successfully.
  2. Good support to SEO
  3. Advanced options to make product configurations efficiently. It enables merchants to add various product types with simple configuration
  4. Inbuilt visual merchandising support
  5. A complete email management solution to support purchase email activities
  6. Features to be used by customer service executives to process orders via back-end


  1. Being an integrated eCommerce platform, the Commerce Cloud of Demandware unifies various functions of an eCommerce business like POS, offline retail store operations in single hosted solution and order management.
  2. Give flexible support to SEO
  3. Several product management features
  4. Inbuilt PLP merchandising
  5. Thorough email management
  6. Supports up sells and cross sells
  7. Great control to users over redirects

Detailed Overview Of Demandware & Its Key Features 

Demandware is a feature-rich leading eCommerce platform that comes with all features that are required to run an online store of any renowned brand like Adidas or House of Fraser. However, the best thing of this platform is that, it focuses on universal retail. With the Commerce Cloud feature of Demandware, the retailers get an integrated system which allows them to effortlessly sell their merchandise over different platforms. Following mentioned the key features of Demandware which can be its main selling points.

Buy & Supply Anywhere 

With Demandware, merchants can easily implement their solutions like buy and supply anywhere. This quality gives buyers a great flexibility in buying options like shipping from the store, pick up in store etc. Though this feature can also be achieved with Magento Enterprise, yet that would not be ad good as of Demandware.

In-store Collaboration

Demandware comprises of inbuilt tools which allow in-store partners to collaborate with their customers in the shop. Though with mobile devices, the staff working in store can help customers by serving relevant product suggestions as well as enabling them to have a more thorough glimpse in the inventory.

Personalisation & Shopper Insight

With predicative nature, Demandware platform collects insights and data from the behaviour of shopper and utilizes this information to help online retailers to personalise their offers for better customer experiences. By integrating with email marketing service provider, this platform help retailers to send custom offers. It also comprises of Active Merchandising features which enable one to cater custom recommendations for eCommerce website.

Multi-Store Support 

Just as Magento, you can manage multi store-fronts with an only back-end on Demandware platform. So, it enables retailers to do things like B2B or B2C business, internationalisation, multiple storefronts, multiple instances etc.

Support In Demandware

This platform gives merchants support for round a clock. This support is not restricted to merely coding issues, but it comes with comprehensive support. On support element, we must say that Demandware provides better support than that of Magento. But, it comes with higher fees than the fee of Magento Enterprise.

Looking At Key Features Of Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise is a very popular and successful eCommerce platform of this time. It equips great features and have amazingly advanced capabilities which we have mentioned right below:

Great Merchandising & Marketing Support

Magento Enterprise enables online merchants to merchandise the pages of product list thorugh Visual Merchandiser feature. It comes with several inbuilt tools such as segmentation, merchandising and targeted promotions. These tools brilliantly display content and provides recommendations as per the address, cart contents and order history of shoppers.

Magento Enterprise also has Rule-Based product relations by which it helps retailers to extend the size of basket by setting up automated regulations for products, cross-sells and up-sells as per varied customer segments. Additionally, Magento Enterprise features a reminder tool of Automated Email. With this tool, merchants can automate email sending task to their customers with wish lists and removed shopping carts.

Features To Add Gifting & Registry Options

Magento Enterprise features several tools to improve customer shopping experience. These tools include gift registry, multiple wish list option, store credits, gifting options etc. In addition, it also comes with inbuilt product reviews that you can customise easily to get a powerful process with OOTB functionality.

Great Scalability & Performance 

Talking about the weakness of Magento Enterprise, we must highlight its PERFORMANCE. Though it comes with several amazing features to deliver great performance like optimized indexing, caching, alternate media storage support etc. which can be configured to improve its performance and speed.

But, it would require you to invest more in this platform optimization to achieve better performance.

Comprehensive Management Tools Of Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise brings several useful tools to support better store management at back-end. The Return Management Authorization feature streamlines the entire return process. It lets retailers create multiple roles for admin; hence, one can easily restrict or enable websites and make them function as per the assigned role to every user.

Mobile Support 

The Enterprise Edition of Magento equips with Magento Mobile SDK which enables retailers to lessen their effort of development while producing mobile apps. The software development kit also features an API, key features support, a full resources library and functioning apps that contribute to make development job simpler.

Support For Retailers

Just like Demandware, Magento Enterprise also comes with quality support, however, its support is not as good as that of Demandware. Here, you get support that mainly focuses code issues.

To conclude, we must say that both of these eCommerce platforms are good at enterprises level as they come with amazing functionalities that make the entire online business operations a smooth process. Though the selection between Demandware and Magento Enterprise depends entirely on the store type and certain management requirements.

by Lalita Rawat on July 28th 2017