Why Magento Is A Perfect Platform For eCommerce Store!

As time moves on, more and more new eCommerce platforms are continuing to evolve in the market. Going back to the past 15 years, you find how difficult it was to found a digital store for a business as you have to make the whole website from the scratch. Though as a result of the evolved technology, now we have several options to make an eCommerce store on. The most famous eCommerce platforms are Drupal Commerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify and so on. However, now the question is; which is the best one out of all? What is the right way to choose an ideal platform to make your eCommerce store? Which platform is the best if you want to make your eCommerce store successful?

So, if you are actually devoted to make your eCommerce store succeed or grow, Magento can prove to be the best choice for you. Let’s discuss few exceptional reasons to choose Magento for your eCommerce store.

Powerful Inventory Management Solution

Magento is purposely designed with a complete eCommerce solution. On the contrary, Drupal and WordPress are basically CMS platforms that feature eCommerce apps in them. Moreover, with Shopify, you won’t get a thorough eCommerce dashboard as you get in Magento. For this purpose, Magento is regarded as more effective eCommerce solution for regular management of products listed for sale on an eCommerce store. The powerful inventory management in Magento makes it a revolutionary eCommerce solution of the time. Here, the merchants are allowed to list 5 lacs maximum products in a page, catalogues for conveniently display the products that you want to sell and make customized grouping of the products.

In addition, it features automatic photo resizing facility for providing a better user experience to shoppers while browsing products on a site. In addition, you can have a quick, comprehensive and simple view on the inventory from your admin dashboard.

Open-Source Platform Encourages Full Customization

Magento is a fully open-source eCommerce platform. In this platform, no codes are being protected by IP laws and every feature is open to make modifications as required. So, by hiring a good Magento specialist, you can easily customize each and every element of your eCommerce store – be it the functionality or theme. With effective customization, you can make your store look different from others.

Simple Scaling For Quick Growth Of The eCommerce Store

As Magento is a purpose-made eCommerce solution, it is capable of handling stores of every size. It is right if you have a small, exclusive clothing store or a top-end organization having a complete eCommerce business over a scalable core, robust Magento. In case, you worry about the existing eCommerce platform or CMS may not be perfect to handle the growth, get Magento. By choosing a correct hosting platform of Magento, this platform can easily scale up to 1 lac visitors a day.

Faster Loading

By correctly optimizing, the right Magento hosting platform can enable the eCommerce store owners to enjoy greatly faster loading speed as compared to other leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify or WordPress. As Magento is an open-source platform, you can easily eliminate the unrequired infrastructure and design elements, enabling the web pages to more quickly load. It is imperative because the fast loading time of a web page is a great determining factor in maintain the customer interest and improving conversions.

Control Over Different Stores With Single Admin Dashboard

It is highly required factor for merchants who run several stores online. With Magento, the eCommerce store owners can get control over inventory, customer data, billing and other details of orders from different web stores from the single CMS backend. Here, you should not worry or spend time to log in every platform or miss out any critical information, but this platform impressively eases up the admin tasks for store owners.

Support For Convenient SEO Strategies

Just like other CMS solutions, Magento supports all the useful SEO optimization factors like SEO friendly URLs, Meta tags or Meta descriptions, easy to implement sitemaps and so on; however here you get something extra as it also features some effective HTML5 mobile capabilities that further help to enhance the SEO ranking of the website.

Google has recently announced that the sites which are mobile-ready and load faster and support AMP would be given higher priority over search results and Magento is a platform that supports all these features. That means higher chances to enjoy higher ranking over search engines which means more business, more growth and higher revenue.

by Lalita Rawaton May 26th 2017