About Magento Open Source 2.1.8 Release Notes – Part 2!

Magento Open Source 2.1.8 release notes brings tremendous improvements to this platform and here we are going to talk about remaining enhancements and fixes that are not being addressed in the previous article About Magento Open Source 2.1.8 Release Notes – Part 1! So, now we will discuss various improvements based on performance, quotes, reports and much more.

Performance Based Improvements In Magento 2.1.8 release notes

•     The new release notes introduce the enhanced performance of various actions like speedy time to response, result and reduced memory usage.
•     It improves the speed of checkout process by expelling unutilised Widget US, configuration of Widget and also regions as per the configuration of the stores to lessen the asset load over checkout pages.
•     Algorithm enhancement to control rewrites for URL on the page of Category Save.

Improvement on Quotes

The new release clearly narrates the qualities and features of extension for the billing address of quote.

Reports Enhancement 

•      In the report for customer segment, the site column features only accurate data.
•      Users will be able to export the report for Low Stock with new community fixes.
•      It will allow users to modify errors to info in var/log/system.log with community fixes.

Sample Data Improvement

If in options file, the auto_increment_increment settles down to 3, you can now be able to install Magento effectively using Sample data.

Enhanced Search

•      Now, there will be no error from Elasticsearch when there are more than 100 attributes or price attributes defined by users as searchable.
•      Now price based configurable item sorting will work fine.
•      When there is out of stock product option, then the product will not reflect in the layered navigation.

Shipping Method Based Fixes

•      The current Magento will show flat-rate applicable USPS box options at checkout process.
•      Now, website owner can apply free of cost shipping for certain shipping method from Admin order making page

Fixes In Tax

The new fixes in tax option in Magento will help users to calculate the total amount of taxes as well as orders rightly after adding the discount on the price.

Here it is to remember that it is not the valid configuration of tax; hence it can create rounding errors.

Web API based fixes 

•      The improved web API in Magento will allow users to utilise REST which is helpful in updating the information of users effectively without removing or deleting the billing address or default shipping address details.
•      The new fixes in web API will now allow you to include a video based on the description of the product using REST.

So, it is all about the new release notes on Magento 2.1.8 open source and its fixes. With these fixes, it is hoped that users will have a better experience on Magento.

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by Lalita Rawaton February 2nd 2018