About Magento Open Source 2.1.8 Release Notes – Part 1!

Magento Open Source 2.1.5 edition has recently arrived with its official release accompanying hundreds of functionality fixes and security enhancements. Here are the release notes and their details to make you aware of all the enhancements this release brings to Magento Community Edition 2.1.8 version.

So, the major enhancements include the static content optimization and deployment, enhanced large catalogs indexing performance and Elasticsearch, URL re-writes and cache tuning improvements, Magento performance optimization and less consumption of memory, and faster multi-language websites deployment. Apart from these enhancements, there are many other important fixes in Magento 2.1.8 version that we are going to discuss in detail here.

Magento 2.1.8 – Catalog Improvement

  • In the previous version, users could add attributes but were unable to save the picture. However, the new enhancement will allow them to make custom attributes to categories which would help them to save or upload custom images effectively.
  •  The price once allocated to the custom options will not be changed.Category page would display the exact item aggregate.
  • In the previous version, once an image is deleted or removed from admin dashboard, it also gets deleted from Magento Server; however now, here comes the correction as such image will not be deleted from the server if you delete it from admin.
  • Earlier, Magento showcased the page for category listing to demonstrate the price of default store as well as other store views; however, this release will only display the price of the product on store view front.
  • Earlier, users were only allowed to modify the category_ids scope value of the store; however, now Global scope has arrived in category_ids of product attributes.
  • Earlier, when users set up the product SKU mask to empty, they got stacking issues in the page of product Add, but, the current release will allow you to set up SKU product mask to empty.
  • Now, users will be able to create an option for the blank attribute using the data of drop-down on items do not require attribute.

General Improvements 

  • Earlier, while re-indexing from system> Index Management – if often failed; however, in the current release, the re-indexing will no more fail because of memory allocation map problems when you will re-index several customers.
  • Earlier, the images in thumbnail did not get uploaded from Magento; however, with the current release, the images will get uploaded for logos of email that are used in various transactional emails.
  • This Magento version will support various negative esteems within Quantity section for the item.
  • Earlier, Magento used the wrong template address for various order emails; however, now it will use the template address for order placing from store view level just as the email for order confirmation acts.
  • It will now update the number validation for UK mobiles.
  • Earlier, rules for cart price could not apply to the entire checkout process when discounts were already applied to them. However, now the rules for cart prices can easily be applied as required, to various conditions of payment method.
  • Earlier, the option or “Uses Per Coupon” limitation was not working with auto-generated coupons; however, now, users can apply any such coupon code for two times.
  • Earlier, users could make widget easily; however, special UTF 8 characters type was not in sound condition. Though the new Magento supports widgets and also acknowledge special UTF 8 characters to use them like input parameters.
  • Earlier, while including a fresh page within CMS hierarchy, the Magento could not show the specific links in pages, unless a user deletes or removes the re-writes URL. However, the recent Magento release will display links once a user includes pages within CMS hierarchy.
  • In the previous version, when a user applied the filter utilizing from Catalog> Product, it did not reload the detail of the product accurately. But, the current Magento introduces the new scope filters for front-end that works amazingly.
  • There will no longer be any error to upload .ico and .apng images as your fav icons.

Checkout Process Based Enhancements

  • Earlier, Magento could not enable a user to place the order when one lists the new address for delivery during checkout. But, the recent release allows users to finish an order successfully even after listing a new address for delivery while checkout.
  • On refreshing the checkout page, the radio buttons for shipping will not get disabled.
  • While proceeding with checkout step, the new Magento will showcase the lost details in red mark.

Configurable Products Enhancements 

  • When there is an integer SKU, Magento would show configurable products, simple products and their visibility values and attributes after import.
  • When there is no value shown on a specific store view, it will offer swatch input at Admin Scope. Moreover, the component of attribute fall back will come back to default value.
  •  Images of product pages and catalog can change the swatches colour.

Improvements Related To Import And Export

  • Auto generated product URL keys are introduced during import.
  • An enhanced import speed of pricing data
  • Earlier, Magento did not maintain the great ordering attribute for configurable products with export or import; however, now it effectively keeps super attributes for ordering.

Deployment & Installation Based Enhancements

  • Regardless of how the content is being added – safe or unsafe URLs, the static deployment of content will encourage safe content only.
  • Once the split database is being executed, Magento is going to shift sequence_* table on the right side of the database.
  • While using port 81, Nginx would redirect to Magento setup page.

Enhancements Related to Order Management

  • Now the loading speed of the page or page performance is being improved with inclusion of several products at order page.
  •  By setting up an option for Use Secure URLs at Admin setting, Magento would not develop an incorrect URLs at site map.
  • Only approved customers will be able to see the store and order process.

Payment Method Related Enhancements

  • The new Magento allows users to run transactions related to payment in different currencies, not just in currency an authorization uses.
  • While checking through an order from your admin panel, you will see the detail of your payment.
  • There will no more frizzle in PayPal Express payment process with sufficient product stock which will cover the order.

In addition to these fixes and enhancements, there are many other important enhancements that we will discuss in the Part 2 of this article.

by Lalita Rawaton January 26th 2018