Introducing PHP 7 & Way To Use It With WordPress!

PHP 7 is arrived with lots of new features and improvements. It is the most powerful update in history for the server-side solution which empowers over 80 percent of the entire internet, and here, we are going to talk about various features and advantages of adopting PHP 7 and combining it with WordPress.

Before we describe the benefits of using PHP 7 with WordPress, we would like to explain what actually PHP 7 is and its several advantages to users. We will also highlight the value of sticking to the recommended version and the way to check if your WordPress website is suitable for PHP 7 or not. At last, you will come to know various plus and minus points to upgrade to the PHP 7 version.

Knowing PHP 7 In Brief

PHP 7 is basically the PHP engine which came in the market in the end of 2016. It brings numerous useful features, great security enhancements and performance improvements. With such great attributes, the new PHP version – PHP 7 is ready to handle all kinds of critical issues of developers and give users a better platform to work on.

PHP 7 – An Anticipation To Make It Distinct

This is an advanced version where things get more interesting. Four years back, the PHP 5 version arrived in the market and it moved with several iterations. There were so many iterations that committee planned to ignore PHP 6 version and brought PHP 7 directly. So, today, it is the most challenging launch of PHP till date.

Way To Switch To The New Version PHP 7 With WordPress

Firstly, make sure your latest WordPress stack is perfectly suitable to support latest PHP version. To check this suitability, you should use PHP compatibility checker plugin. If the stack is compatible, the plugin will give the green light which should be taken as a signal to move on to upgrade. There are few considerable pointers to remember during this step.

  • In case, you use any shared hosting of WordPress like Bluehost or anything else, then there will be four steps to update the PHP version. Usually, all shared hosting providers of WordPress come with the custom access or cPanel in which one can easily change the PHP version.
  • In case, you use the managed hosting of WordPress like WP Engine, then upgrading to PHP 7 will be an easy job as you just need to reach out to the support of hosting provider and rest will be handled by them on your behalf.

There is a plus point for the users of WP Engine as their minimum recommended PHP version is 5.6 to upgrade to new version.

Other Notable Points About Upgrading PHP 7 & Using With WordPress

As of now, PHP is used for 82% of the whole internet. The leading websites like WordPress and Facebook are getting power from the PHP. To get PHP 7, the minimum recommended version is PHP 5.6 and if you are using lower version, then you cannot upgrade to the newest PHP  version at any cost. With new PHP offering, you get amazing improvements for better security, performance and features which greatly enhances the overall performance of WordPress with minimal extra hardware required. By switching your WordPress site to the PHP version 7, you will enjoy countless advantages without spending a single penny. Though before upgrading, you should be very sure about your WordPress stack that has to be compatible for latst PHP version by checking it from compatibility checker PHP plugin.

Final Verdict

At last, we can conclude that PHP keeps on improving its features with each and every release. Those who are using WordPress just with famous plugins, then there will be a possibility to gain a lot by upgrading to the new PHP 7 version. Though if you have equipped your WordPress site with several custom plugins or have irregularly updated plugins, then we suggest you to wait for some time before finally upgrading to the new version of PHP . But, in all conditions, it is mandatory to have PHP 5.6 as the minimum version to get the benefits of PHP 7.

by Lalita Rawat on August 11th 2017