What Is More Important In SEO – Topic Or Keyword

In the world of SEO, there are multiple things and rumours that keep rounding around the industry in which some of them are: SEO is no more. SEO is still alive. All the posts of a website or blog has to come from target keywords. There is no need to waste your time on keywords anymore. So, there are so many things that sometimes contradict one another. Hence, it becomes quite confusing for anyone to decide which should be trusted on? Do we actually ignore the keywords or what is the most important for SEO in blogging or so on?

SEO Gurus Have Different Perspective On Keyword And Topic

So, there are so many questions and arguments that need for a certain answer and here we must say that none of the above mentioned arguments are true. And none of them is absolutely wrong as well. There are some SEO gurus who support one side of this argument and some of them clearly disapprove them. You may find proofs in support of these arguments and also proofs of not supporting them and it is just because of some correlation that appears in SEO ranking. Therefore, now the question is what one should do when you hope for your blog to get good ranking on search engines?

What Is Google Hummingbird Semantic Search Algorithm

The semantic Hummingbird search algorithm of Google has actually brought a big change in the SEO, few years back. Now, the practice of merely researching for high-searched keywords and properly stuffing them to get good rank of a web page has become a thing of past. From the time Google followed this update, the SEO approach had changed. The new semantic search algorithm gives Google a strange power to just learn what a user looks for. In a more simple way, we can say now Google knows what you seek.

Topic & Keyword – Both Are Important

We can also see this while searching for a certain topic and results of the search display what you needed; however no keyword is required to enter in the Google search box. So, here is the answer: topic or keyword – and here you require both of them.

The main method to make this SEO concern understandable is to learn the intentions of Google. So, Google tries to help online users to locate what they look for and that too faster. It means your content should be an inter-related set of topics that will benefit the readers. In addition, there should also be relevant keywords contained in the topic.

How To Use Topic & Keyword To Improve SEO Ranking

So, the ideal way is to think from the user perspective. It is the major concern of the search engine in this time. For this purpose, you should consider following strategy to make the best use of keyword and topic in your blog posts.

  • If you are trying to make a blogging strategy, you has to be sure that a topic that you cover should make sense to the users who make a search for it. Also, determine that the content should also have relevant keywords for Google to put it jointly.
  • Remember that keywords cannot take the place of the topics and vice versa. So, the keyword that you choose for targeting online audience should be smartly linked with topics that you are going to cover in the blog.
  • You should ensure that your blog posts should contain the target keywords in an appropriate way that it should not look irrelevant.

Thus, we can see that things have become easier now as you just have to concentrate on making quality content that real people should find relevant and helpful. Do not forget that content is the king and it always be the king. So, follow it and you will surely experience success in SEO.

by Lalita Rawaton June 2nd 2017