How to Handle your Magento-Developer With These 10 Questions

Inception and designing of an e-commerce website (Magento) demand a lot of efforts, skills, and knowledge. When we strive to depict our dreams in front of a developer, then our words should comprise the entire project we have planned. To make it more simple we are going to navigate you through few tips and questions you should ask a developer to get your project done, which meets all the levels you have imagined.

1.           Experience

Ask your developer about previous projects and experience. The best way to assess the developer’s skills is considering the running projects designed by your developer.

2.          Certification

Check if the Magento developer has any certification from any reputed institution or organization. In this case, you should also have a sound knowledge of certification requirements to recognize the developer’s skills.

3.          Communication

Consider the way of communication as it should be perfect enough. There should be professionalism in communication.

4.          Deadlines

Evolvement and completion of every project are based on deadlines. Mention the deadlines to your Magento developer. Be careful that your developer seriously addresses this request.

5.          Payments

Ask about payments, spending, and other bills you developer charges from other clients. Raise your market research of pricing for the same project made by you. Try to negotiate as much as you can.

6.          Hidden charger or additional fee

Do not overlook the additional fee for the project if any, because sometimes after finalizing the project, a developer can ask for additional charges, so better ask at the initial stage.

7.          Terms and conditions

Discuss all the terms and conditions with your Magento developer. Try to be aware of the developer’s all terms to proceed a smoother and hassle-free project.Terms and conditions incorporate few points such as selecting a theme, space on the server, style of website or other few items. It is better to understand all the terms and conditions at the beginning.

8.          Back-end editing

Every website needs back-end maintenance. After storing up the project you will surely need to maintain it. it comprises uploading and deleting any item, text descriptions, picture, and banner etc.

9.           SEO

Search engine optimization is a set of few protocols and effective words or combination of words which make your website visible to the search engine. It also helps in enhancing the ranking of your website and boosting your sales as well. A large amount of money you spent on the highly professional website will totally be gone to waste if you don’t get a heap of visitors. So make sure your developer have a sound knowledge of SEO.

10.         Post-development maintenance.

During the access of project if your Magento website faces any issue then make sure your developer will be ready to provide backup and maintenance. This is highly recommended to get the maintenance facility during a running project.

by Lalita Rawat on May 11th 2018