Google Search Engine Algorithm August 10th 2018 Update

About Google’s updates throughout the years

As it happens to every year, Google Inc. has updated the algorithm regarding their search engine, which is still one of the most widely used tools on the internet to this very day. To understand the importance of the Google Search Engine, one needs to look at how it has changed not only the people’s perception about searching for things on the internet, but also about how it has impacted and effectively transformed the way of life, and, of course, the way of commerce and businesses as we know it. Now, there are innumerable search words, which are referred to as keywords, that the users may ask Google to return results for. These keywords might be vague, mostly about a specific topic or activity, or it may be focused on something that is wholly unique; it depends about the amount of knowledge possessed by the search party in question. However, businesses and organizations tend to assume the worst, and they arrange and strategize their website content and other factors in order to get a higher ranking with respect to a particular “keyword” or other general factors in question.

About Google’s most recent update to its algorithm of the Search engine:

The most recent change started rolling out at the beginning of August this year and officially was completely finished with at 10th of the same month. As it happens almost every time, Google liaison representatives inform the public at large about the change in question, but details are never fully explained most of the times. With regard to the same, their responses tend to be woefully vague and obtuse as the company does not want to divulge every other information the updates at large. However, many ranking tools and monitors have been able to notice the fluctuations started in the immediate aftermath when the updates were rolled out starting from August 1st. The results or deductions are as follows:

  • The updates have been termed as being “global” by the liaison of Google on Twitter itself; so it rules out any possibility that these updates would be focused locally or over a particular region.
  • The ranking pages generally tend to produce their data with respect to a particular industry in question, and their results forwarded have put forth the possibility that changes have affected the medical and health websites variety all across the internet, and also especially those sites that can be referred to as “Your Money or Your Life” websites in form and function.
  • YMYL pages are of a variant kind with an umbrella of websites falling under it, including such sites that tend to ask or solicit for personal information, pages that conduct actual and legitimate monetary transactions across the internet, and also of other many kinds most of which ask for money in return of some kind of life-changing or saving phenomenon.
  • After these websites, the ones that were most affected include e-commerce and automobile websites.


In spite of what every other rank monitor says, it is still too early to come to a final conclusion regarding this particular update of Google’s algorithm. But, one thing is for sure that the updates that have been massive with changes and ripple effects being felt throughout a number of industrial sectors. This goes to show how an online tool like the Google Search Engine holds sway over the entire world and the human population.

by Lalita Rawat on August 24th 2018