Google AdWords Or Facebook Ads – Which Is The Best For Business!

Online sellers, merchants or retailers who wish to find new sale leads and customers through online ads cannot turn their dream into reality, until they adopt two leading internet giants – Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. But, the question is – which is the best from two of these leading advertising giants of the internet for an eCommerce business?

Although, two of these companies are giving their best to reign over the users and in this attempt, Google keeps on maintaining its position as the ruler in the whole advertising industry. This competition is quite advantageous for businesses as due to beat one another, they keep on enhancing their offers to advertisers on the web.

A number of retailers usually ask themselves a common question about the platform they should choose to advertise their offers and products online. By reading through the information available in this article, you will get answer of this question rightly. Though before knowing that, you should get an understanding on the differences and the way their offers benefit and unique features of both of them.

What Makes Google Adwords Differ From Facebook Ads

There are several features that make Google AdWords different from Facebook Ads and following table has all the key differences in brief.

Google AdWords Facebook Ads
Google AdWords display ads to users as per their search queries when they type queries in Google search bar. Facebook ads reflect on the users’ account automatically as they do not have to login to their account purposely just to shop for anything
Advertising with Google AdWords is referred as paid search marketing Advertising on Facebook Ads is named as paid social marketing
In this marketing solution, the text advertisements get activated as per the search queries of users and topic to have link clicks. With Facebook Ads, the ads do not appear as a solution of users’ query, but in contrary, it interrupts them while using their social media account watching things of their interest
Choosing Google AdWords, you will be charged with some fee every time any user clicks on the ad as it will redirect the user to your site Facebook Ads will allow you to define a target user group and display your advertisement to people who would certainly be interested in your offering.


Exploring Benefits of Google AdWords & Facebook Ads


Google AdWords Benefits

Google is widespread on the entire web as almost every online user knows and familiar with the usages of Google. There would be hardly anyone who would not be using Google due to some reasons. The success of Google can be measured with the fact that over 6.5 billion online search queries are being made on Google every day. Thus, Google gives advertisers around countless possibilities to grow their network and reach out customers.

The online advertisers who use Google AdWords are given a facility to book their ads on Display network or search network. With Search Network, Google would work as the search engine in which advertisers are given option to activate ads which will be displayed to users when they would enter their queries in Google search. However, in Display Network, advertisers are given benefit of classic banner advertisement. With this network, advertisers take part in websites to find new customers, attract new visitors to their web page and enhance brand awareness by activating their ads.

Today, Google is known as the major income source for several website owners. So, by simply adopting Google AdWords, you can easily locate potential customers from every side of the internet.

Another advantage of Google AdWords is its exclusive variety of advertisement formats. Amazing features as great snippets are very attractive to web retailers because they help them to lure new online visitors to their online stores.

Benefits Of Facebook Ads

Facebook is younger to Google as it arrived many years later from Google. However, if you believe this is enough to call Google a leader and winner over Facebook, then you are clearly mistaken. In recent years, Facebook has grown as a successful social networking paid advertising tool for online retailers. By amazingly improving its marketing and advertising offers, Facebook has turned into a giant paid social advertising platform of the time. As it enjoys 1.28 billion daily active users, there is a vast potential for online advertisers to fetch great leads and reach out the maximum possible customers online.

Facebook is not just a great advertising platform for its vast user base, but it allows advertisers to focus on users in an accurate manner.

Using data shared by users on Facebook, the advertisers can increase their business sales.

An additional benefit of Facebook Ads is its visual appearance. There is no other advertising solution or medium that allow advertisers to present their products in such an enchanting way and at the same time, they can include a great call to action.

Which Is The Best From Google AdWords Or Facebook Ads

No doubt, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads both are great advertising platforms with myriads of features to benefit your advertising campaign and increase sales.

Therefore, we suggest you to take benefit of two of them rather choosing one from them. To prioritize, you should go with the same traditional rule which is to test both platforms and find the one that suits you the best. By adopting paid social and paid search marketing in a right way, you can make a big from your advertising budget.

by Lalita Rawat on August 25th 2017