Follow 10 Steps To Improve Your Website Performance – Part 1

To invite any guest or visitor to your house you need to make your place impressive because the first impression is always the last. Same protocol applies on your website. If your website is being polished time to time then it will leave an extraordinary impact on the visitors.

Here are the ten impressive ways to improve your website

# Is your website mobile friendly:
Internet surfing on mobile traversed the desktop internet uses. According to recent data report raised by StatCounter, in last 45 days, websites attained around 51.3% of visits through smartphones and tablets.

So, here you need to check if your website is mobile friendly or not. Google has provided a mobile friendliness test tool. Just enter your web address in it and the tool will show you that your web is mobile friendly or not.

# Speedup the website:

Most of the users leave the surfing in between if the website or any page takes the excessive time to be loaded. So, this is the correct time to figure out the speed of your website. In spite of many other free tools, Google has also provided Google PageSpeed Insights.

It will ask for the web address and after getting the input it will show you the correct speed of your website. “Pingdom” is also an excellent tool to perform this task.

# Navigation of the website

If the website has the capabilities to navigate the visitor in a suitable approach then it will enhance the chances of getting a huge traffic. So, avoid the generic navigation from today and start adopting the descriptive navigation. It will help the visitors to reach up to the content they are looking for.

# Call to action

Every user wants a straight and instant action on the given commands while using any website. Add some buttons with a text command mentioned on your website. For example- Download, Search, Read and much more. It will grab the attention of users and make the process very smooth.

# Manage the content

A content is the backbone of any website or blog. Your are steadily updating your web/blog with the new-age content but never forget the content you have posted few days, weeks, months or years ago still has a great significance and relevance to the users.

So, keep updating and polishing the older content. Few points to improve the older content.

  • Add more information to the older links you posted in prior time.
  • Review the entire bunch of older content and check if the information is still true or not, the content informative or not.
  • Use new style and skill for writing your content.

Rest of the 5 methods and tactics will be discussed in the 2nd part of this article. Be up to date with us, if you have any query regarding the part-1 then contact Redchlli Network Ltd or email us on

by Lalita Rawat on October 6th 2017