Five Most Common SEO Practices You Should Get Rid Of

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, as it is popularly known, is the force that brings to life the magic of online marketing. The people working tirelessly behind the scene for accentuating the rankings of their client’s website are the real magicians of the field of SEO. But as they say, every magician must keep abreast with the latest tricks to stay relevant in his business. The same thing goes with SEO as well and the ones who are in this field must keep pace with the latest tricks in the business and should get rid of the old ones otherwise they will surely be extinct sooner or later.

When you talk about SEO, there are some methods used all over the SEO world that have become rather overused and have lost their sheen because of it. If you are one of the guys trying to make a future in this field, probably the best thing that you could do is to get rid of the following old tricks as soon as possible.

Do Not Assume Keywords

Assuming the words that a consumer would use while searching for something on the web and deriving your own set of keywords from them is a trick that has worked in the field of SEO for quite long but not anymore. To me, the key lies in not guessing the keywords but in improvising them into interesting sentences that include the keywords as well as other important things. For instance keywords like wooden dining table, Italian dining table, and cheap table can be replaced with a more intuitive one like, “Methods of Selecting the Best Classy and Affordable Italian Dining Tables”. You may use even the brand name in this as well. The idea here is to create a message rather than depending upon boring keywords.

Refrain from Using Heavy Anchor Text

This trick did work well few years ago but not today. In fact, using this trick these days can get you penalized by search engines like Google that have classified them as being inappropriate and spam along with manipulative if overdone. The better thing to do in this case would be to put the internal link in a way at it goes undetected by the search engines. You can use small fonts for this purpose and can make the content witty if possible and probably can get discounted for it by the search engines. One important thing to remember here is that your objective is to reach the search engines and not the regular people searching the web.

Making Pages for Every Keyword is Not Going to Work

I have seen a lot of folks out there using this stale tactic even today. They have a habit of creating a new page for every variation of the keyword being used but Google has become smarter these days and can easily identify such tricks. A better thing on the contrary would be to fit the variations appropriately into the content and its title.

Paid Links and Directories

This method too is being penalized by Google for being an unethical practice. Those who have been using this method have been hit hard. To keep away from it would be really helpful for you and your client. Things like guest content, comment links, etc can get easily detected by search engines.

Making Several Micro Sites/Domains Will Not Help

A regular practice thus far in the SEO world has been to create several micro sites targeting the same audience. Making several domains consisting of similar looking keywords was also a part of this practice. What you need to do is to create one domain and to guide all your efforts in promoting it with quality content rather than creating several sub-domains or micro sites.

So, the best thing that you can do today is to leave all the practices mentioned above if you are still following them as it would be in the best interest of you as well as your clients. This will also ensure longevity for your career in the ever evolving and dynamic world of SEO.

by Lalita Rawaton May 19th 2017