What To Expect From WordPress In 2018!

Perhaps, you are not aware of the power of WordPress, but it is actually chosen by myriads of websites available across the world as the most preferred platform. It is assumed that around 27% high ranking websites in the world are based on WordPress. So, seeing these numbers, we can easily understand the reason behind the growing number of people relying on this platform and today, we will present top predictions about WordPress that you will see in 2018. So, let’s check out what you should expect in 2018 from WordPress.

Video Headers Are Going To Be More Common 

In the web world, everyone is familiar with the growth of videos. Be it advertiser, marketer or a web designer, everyone focuses to integrate videos. Hence, this trend continues to WordPress platform too. So, beginning with 4.7 Vaughn version, WordPress has a looping video header support which enables for incredible decorative options. In addition, customization is a great property of this platform as it is coming for long. So, it means, though video headers are there for long, yet they are often used for certain website types. But in 2018, this phenomenon will change as more and more sites will opt for video-first approach.

As digitally every network on social media invests greatly in video as well as live streaming, there will be more integration of video headers in WordPress sites.

Moreover, we can see WordPress themes fully revolving around video first approach, or may be live steaming.

Mobile-First WordPress Themes Will Get More Preference

The growing dependency on mobile or tablets of modern users is known to the world. Hence, mobile centric website themes and designs are going to perform an important role in 2018 as most of the online sellers or companies will adopt mobile first themes for their sites.

The sites having outdated themes that don’t properly respond to mobile devices will not just dumped by online users, but also be penalized by Google. So, there will be no excuse to WordPress specialists or web developers to avoid mobiles and its community while designing theme or site for their clients. Ones who choose to avoid this trend would certainly lose their customers and their branding will also be compromised.

Drag – Drop is going to hold top position 

One big reason behind the popularity of WordPress is its development, customization and running sites that is too easy. Due to these reasons, a person with no development experience may make a great site on WordPress if they spend some time exploring it. Here, drag drop option holds a great value. Customization is a great feature in WordPress; however, for many users, it looks to be difficult to start the process. But, drag drop option eases the whole customization process and instantly eradicates all obstacles of entry in the world of WordPress. So, in 2018, new users are expected to be connected to WordPress who will try their hands in designing their sites with their own hands. In this game, drag drop themes will play a crucial role.

Security Will Be Taken Seriously 

Those who are active in this web world are perfect aware of the importance of security of a site, but there are many people who still take it very lightly as they think their site would not be hit by any cyber-attack. Hence, they keep using simple measures for security. In 2017, we have already found that this thought is quite dangerous as we got to learn about numerous cyber-attacks on many famous sites. As a result, website owners have started taking serious security measures for their websites.

So, in 2018, ignoring your website security can cost you quite heavy. You cannot take your website security that lightly as you had been in 2017. Day by day, new security tools are being invented and integration of these tools will surely improve security of the websites.

WordPress Will Introduce More eCommerce Based Services 

In recent years, eCommerce market has blossomed immensely and the contribution of WordPress is quite widespread in this boom. Innumerable themes and plugins are already there and there is no sign of this trend to be declined recently. Moreover, it seems as in 2018 is going to be a great year for the whole eCommerce industry and WordPress network with better plugins will be the centre of attraction.

As the eCommerce concept is widely adopted by most of the companies that provide services and products to customers and seek ways to maintain their online presence.

So, these are top predictions about WordPress platform that you will most likely see in 2018 and these predictions will surely grow its network by encouraging small as well as medium size businesses to it. Hence, if you want to grow in the web world using WordPress, start adopting these trends right away.

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by Lalita Rawat on March 29th 2018