Content Management System

What is Content Management System (CMS) ?

CMS is a software system which allows you to manage the contents of a website including text, pictures, movies, links and many more types of data. Each CMS is different and so does their features and functionality. Most CMS are web-based and offer an administrator control panel to organise the contents.

The purpose of a website content management system is to provide the capability for multiple users with different permission levels to manage a website or a section of the content. For example, you can take a website which has articles, blogs, images, movies, reviews, press releases, events and assign each section or a part of a section to users to create, edit and archive.

Which website CMS is best?

Considering there are hundreds of CMS available in the market as open source, you need be more specific. You might choose a CMS that you are comfortable with in terms of integration knowledge and support. A website CMS is very important for your business so maintenance is critical and evolution matters. You should, therefore think about your CMS choice accordingly.

Some of the popular websites use an open source publicly available content management system like drupal, joomla and wordpress , which are suited for a great CMS for a website. Most often, nowadays WordPress are widely chosen by Redchilli Network. It is because it offers a lot of features that is very helpful. But, the choice always depend upon you. It also depends on requirement and expertise.

How can Redchilli Network help you?

London based company Redchilli Network provides custom content management system to help your business manage and deliver content in any format. Starting from simple website content to managing the content of a complex online portals, we have a solution to match all your open source and custom built CMS requirements. Most CMS used worldwide starting from creating simple websites to complex corporate web based applications are open source.

Redchilli Network has hired expert CMS developers on major open source content management system including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento eCommerce and many more. We have a solution to all your CMS needs around London.

Please fill up the request a call back form, so that  one of our CMS expert will contact you or call us on 0208 385 0000 to discuss if you want more information on content management system development or looking to create your own CMS system.

Content Management System

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15th July 2015 Lalita Rawat