Comparison Among Magento , OpenCart and PrestaShop!

In recent time, we are being introduced several eCommerce platforms to run online stores or online business smoothly. It has led many of us to think which platform is the best and why? The availability of many eCommerce platform has made things quite confusing for online sellers or merchants to select the best platform for having the best from their efforts. Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop are three highly famous platforms that people choose for their eCommerce stores these days. In this article, we will compare three of these platforms with each other to pick out the best from them all.

Before we start our comparison between magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop, let’s understand the importance of a right platform for an eCommerce store.

Basically, an eCommerce store is run by managing various things simultaneously. So, when you choose a platform you make sure it can perfectly manage the whole inventory, transaction process and offer you with several advanced features. Choosing a wrong platform will cause you several unrequired technical issues, costly downtime and headaches.

What to Expect from Magento eCommerce Platform

If you think that Magento is the right platform for your eCommerce store, then you first understand what this platform is. Basically, people relate this platform to the enterprises. However, it is mainly a professional eCommerce platform, it is also capable of empowering all kinds of stores. Be it a big store or a small online store, Magento can perfectly run the store and its operations. It is a fully feature-rich platform that accompanies inbuilt SEO features, easy to use admin interface and great inventory management solution.

As of now, this platform empowers more than 2 lacs eCommerce stores and comes in 3 different editions namely Community, Cloud Enterprise and Enterprise. The community option is free that is often preferred for new eCommerce stores.

OpenCart – eCommerce Platform

It is an easy to use open source platform that is loved by eCommerce store owners. Those who are seeking easy to operate platform for running their online store would love OpenCart. It helps launching the new online stores fast and easily customise the look with its premium and free themes. Just like many other eCommerce platforms, it also features the extension system to enable users to include advanced functionality in an online store as required. The admin dashboard of OpenCart is the most attractive feature of this platform as it offers a thorough insight to the sales as well as analytics of the store on the go and it also feels amazingly great.

An Introduction of PrestaShop eCommerce Platform

This platform is also an open-source platform for eCommerce online stores. It is loaded with several modules and themes and is supported by a great community. It is very easy to use and is loved by businesses for its features and functionalities.

The interface of PrestaShop can easily be learnt and used. Just as OpenCart, it also features back end that shows the analytics of the site greatly; however, with much detailed information. The best thing of this platform is its documentation which helps developers to learn this platform easily. Moreover, those who do not like to get into the details in documentations can go straight to learn this eCommerce platform for which they must have some experience of using CMSs and websites.

Comparing Three Ecommerce Platforms Briefly – Magento Vs OpenCart Vs PrestaShop


PrestaShop’ s Key Features

• Ope

• Provides a network of certified partners that can provide help with any aspect of the platform.


Magento OpenCart PrestaShop
It is an open source platform with a great community of developers who keep continuing to its continuous development. OpenCart is also an open source eCommerce platform supported by a vast community that keeps on contributing to its regular development. Open source eCommerce platform
Features a great library with numerous extensions which can interface with various applications from third party It offers a big catalogue of great themes and also extensions including free as well as premium options. Loaded with several premium and free eCommerce themes as well as modules to make great online websites and stores
Loaded with inbuilt SEO functions Inbuilt affiliate and discount solutions Features fully responsive default theme
Equips with tools for order management like rewards systems, gift registries and wish lists Features support for tracking the most critical metrics of the online store and shows them in the admin. Features a live editor to enable users to customise the appearance of the store from a front end.
Helps website owners to customise their checkout process easily Supports more than 20 payment gateways for easy payment transactions
Features a great scalability Easy to manage multiple stores from single dashboard
Very easy to use as it can be used without any Magento developer by going through the documentation which will help you learning the advanced features of Magento Product segmentation as per the size, type, colour etc. Very easy to use and support from a vast network of qualified partners who provide assistance at every phase of development and operations.
Comes with a resources library accommodating several videos and talks on practical Magento tutorials Very simple interface and features a great documentation to guide users for the whole process to set up the online store on this platform and how to use several advanced features. Easy documentation to learn the platform and its advanced features rightly


Which Platform Is Right For Whom

The users who are fully dedicated to check the growth of their online stores should go with the Magento eCommerce platform as it scales the whole store well and the advanced features of Magento enable the website to manage anything conveniently.

OpenCart is an ideal platform for eCommerce users who seek a highly simple platform and who need to manage various online stores altogether as with the single dashboard of OpenCart you can handle all of them. In addition, if you are a person who find it difficult to perform consistent backups on the site on daily basis, then OpenCart is the best platform to go with.

PrestaShop is a perfect eCommerce platform for those who seek something more polished and also accessibility to various themes and modules. But, here you must be aware of the price factor as most of the themes and modules in PrestaShop are paid as they come with a hefty price tag. So, if you are not interested to spend that much money, then go with any other option than PrestaShop.

Wrap Up

To conclude, we can say that if low price and easy interface is your key considerations, then OpenCart is the best eCommerce platform from three of them. Though when you seek advanced scalability and features, then Magento is the best platform for you. But when you look for highly polished eCommerce solution without any worry of price, PrestaShop can be a right bet for you.

by Lalita Rawat on September 8th 2017