CMS Comparison Between WordPress, Joomla & Drupal!

Today, all the leading websites are based on quality CMS platforms that enable the website owner to make desired changes to the site whenever needed. Having a website on platforms like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal allows one to do this job merely with a small code. Thus, making changes becomes a way simpler job for any website owner with these CMS platforms.

So, if you are desired to have a powerful and advanced website for your business, but have limited budget and time for a custom made website, then go for none other than these three leading CMS solutions – WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

All three of these CMS solutions provide amazing features and have countless customisations. These are very easy to use and have brilliant security features. The best thing of these CMS solutions is that, they all come for free.

As they are all great options, you may find it very difficult to make a selection out of three. However, there are chances and characteristics that will tell you which will suit your distinct requirements and situation and this article will help you knowing those aspects in detail.

Now, it is the time to check how to compare these three CMS solutions to make a right choice for you.

Brief Introduction


Wordpress Bs JoomlaDrupal CMS Development

Drupal CMS DevelopmentWordPress – It is an ideal choice for newbies as it features a simple interface that makes it very easy to use. It fits all types of requirements of small – medium business sites, online stores and blogs.

Drupal – It is the most complex CMS, but at the same time a robust platform. To use this solution, you must have a knowledge of PHP, CSS and HTML.

Joomla – It is perfect for social networking and eCommerce websites; however, it requires a fundamental knowledge of coding and technical skills.

A CMS Comparison Between WordPress, Drupal & Joomla

Although, these are three CMS monsters that reign all over the online world with their exceptional features and attributes, yet there are some differences that make one differ from another. Our CMS comparison table will give you a clear understanding of key features and shortcomings in three CMS platforms. After knowing these aspects, you can make a smart decision on the best platform to run your online business successfully.


WordPress Drupal Joomla
It is the most successful CMS platform with 140 million downloads till date It is the eldest from three, but least popular as there are only 15 million downloads It is the youngest CMS platform, but more popular than Drupal with 63 million downloads
It is a free platform Drupal is also a free CMS platform Joomla is a free CMS solution
It features more than 4000 free themes It provides more than 2000 themes for free It offers only 1000 plus free themes
To add better functionality to your site, you can take benefit of free plugins as here you get more than 45 thousand         free plugins With Drupal, you get more than 34 thousand free plugins Using Joomla, you get free advantage of using more than 7 thousand free plugins.
It can be installed in single click Featuring easy installation, you can install it in one click It also features one click installation
If you choose manual installation, the process will take only 5 minutes of time For manual installation, Drupal takes only 10 minutes of time It also requires 10 minutes to get install manually.
Regular updates after 42 days to keep the vulnerabilities away to affect your site With Drupal, you get updates after 51 days With Joomla, the frequency of updates is the fastest as after 36 days, it releases updates.
It does not require any technical know-how for website owners It requires technical skills. You must have a basic knowledge of coding to use this platform.
Ideal for corporate sites, blogs or small and mid-size businesses One solution fits to all needs Perfect for eCommerce or social media sites


Final Verdict On The Best CMS Platform From WordPress, Drupal & Joomla

After reviewing the key characteristics of three leading CMS platforms that are WordPress, Drupal & Joomla, we can conclude that three of them are perfect and competitive enough to be called leading CMS solutions of the time. However, the best way to choose one from these three CMS platforms, you should consider your own certain scenario as every website has distinct requirements for which it should have varied capabilities.

If you want to quickly start your simple blog or website for your business, WordPress is the best CMS solution to go with.

Those who have great expectations from the beginning as expecting their sites to grow amazingly would require advanced features and countless customizations, go with Drupal.

If you need something extra ordinary like any online eCommerce business or social networking site, then go with Joomla as it will be the best fit for your requirements.

The most notable thing about three of these platforms is that; they are free and they come with a range of several third party tools which help adding uniqueness to the sites.

by Lalita Rawat on August 18th 2017