5 SEO Tips To Rank Higher Than You Rivals!

When it comes to the most influential tool to drive online sales for your business, you have to master in seo search engine. Moreover, it is quite apt to be said that merely the basic learning of a solution that brings a website rank at the top pages of Google can prove beneficial for you.

SEO is usually referred as a task of less importance and priority in the to-do list by businesses that means, many business owners often ignore it and do not put much effort to it. Though the time you reach at the top-most Google search results, it looks like an unexpected feat and it becomes hard to have a motivation to deal with it.

In this article, we are going to talk about top 5 prerequisites that you should have to beat all your rivals at SEO. Though the process is quite competitive and complex as it requires a lot of expertise and some sophisticated tools. Let’s have a look at 5 prerequisites that can help you win over your rivals on SEO.

# 1 – Free Basic Operator

You must be aware of the famous “site” or “site colon search” which is used to check the live as well as optimised web pages of a website within Google searches.

Generally, a number of SEO practitioners prefer to use this feature sometimes to discover if the search results of Google represent the offering of a business in a right way. They can also utilise this feature to learn if there are several unrelated web pages which are not related to certain searches made by users for your services or products.

In case, you find that the common terms of search for your service or product are not efficiently presented in green or blue text lines, or in the information of page, then it will be taken as bad SEO.

At that time, you can instantly change or edit it from your content management or website to appropriately match with your required search terms.

Keeping an eye on the duplicates is also necessary. The Search engines like Google do not like the content or word duplication as it is difficult for it to pick up pages from a similar website for similar searches of keyword.

# 2 – Free or Paid Links

In addition to the content, links are equally important to boost SEO ranking for a website. So, if your web pages get links from other authority sites, then Google would take your site as important and notable.

At this stage, paid insights of keyword can be helpful for you to learn the most useful keywords from numerous variations available there. However, good links are all about good quality, not just quantity. Several website owners are noticed in thee algorithm updates of Google like Penguin which has penalised those sites having numerous links of low-quality as they are taken as done deliberately to enhance ranking.

So, SEO tools like Majestic allow website owners to learn the worthy links in your competition area. Having this knowledge will help you to emulate the authority signs in more precise way and battle more strongly in web search.

These links are not merely about influential authority, but also relevance. Therefore, make sure to get links from your niche sites or firms working in your sector and point them to your web pages. At this stage, a quality referral links source can prove a good directory for you.

# 3 – Paid Or Free Analytics

Sneaking out the practices and trends your competitors follow can give you great insight to enhance your profit and business from natural web searches. For this purpose, you should be aware of the usages of paid or free analytics. Ahrefs is one of such kinds of tools that is designed to help SEO experts to check keywords and pages that are driving the maximum web traffic to the websites of your rivals. This tool is effective to learn those keywords traffic opportunities and volumes which are driving desired results for rivals.

For this purpose, Google Analytics can also prove beneficial. It helps one to learn the online traffic and its source. It is just as the Google Search Console that is a tool to enable one to learn what actually Google considers right keywords that you should be ranked for.

# 4 – Free Topic Analysis 

In the current SEO practices, keyword density in a topic has become quite important. It has always been a crucial factor since the Hummingbird update of Google arrived with great ways to learn the more extensive topic relevancies within Google searches and website content offers.

So, the practice of copy paste content from the websites of your competitors in the density tool can help one to learn those topics mentioned by your competitors. These topics greatly contribute to their Google ranking.

Hence, you can take ideas of topics from their websites for your site. Research in a way that it would greatly benefit your SEO, by contributing to restructuring the sections and page headers of your site, to point out the topics of your relevancy.

At present, Google gives ranking to a single page for nearly 10 keywords. Learning the keyword terms that your SEO rivals often use in variation is such a brilliant way to produce more effective online content for your site.

# 5 – Free or Paid Insights 

Keyword insights are of utmost importance in SEO. By using paid insights, you can learn which the most powerful keywords from numerous variations are. Simply put the small campaign out together in Google AdWords and it will start showing you various keywords variations which offer conversions, expecting that the conversion funnels are set up in the analytics.

For effective keyword variation testing, you can use tools like Keyword Tool, KeywordSpy or WordStream as it will show you keywords with sizes, synonyms, colours and locations.

So, these are top five prerequisites that you should have to get the most out of your SEO campaign and beat all your rivals in the industry.


by Lalita Rawat on August 4th 2017